Writing your Fiction Book Synopsis

Written By: Book Marketing International - Oct• 28•14

Before you send your fiction book proposal out to literary agents, check out this list of what you should and should not include when writing a book synopsis.

What to Include:
-Narrative arc: a synopsis conveys the narrative arc, an explanation of the plot, the characters, and how the novel ends.
-Let your writing style shine in your synopsis and encapsulate the pertinent details of your plot line.
-Include the unique ideas and elements of your storyline
-Story advancement, through the characters’ feelings and emotions.
-Write clearly, and remember, less is more.

What to Avoid:
-Mentioning too many characters or events.
-Including too much detail about plot twists and turns.
-Unnecessary detail, description, or explanation.
-Writing back cover copy instead of a synopsis: focus on summarizing your novel or book.


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