Who Published Our Books?

Written By: Book Marketing International - Jun• 07•12

Here is a list of publishers who bought the books of our clients:

1. Berkley/Penguin: Major authors published by this company include, but is not limited to Clive Cussler, Nora Roberts, Patricia Cornwall.

2. HCI Books: Publisher of the Chicken Soup series.

3. John Wiley and Sons: Most well known for publishing For Dummies and the Frommer’s travel series.

4. Yale University Press: “Its books have won five National Book Awards, two National Book Critics Circle Awards, and eight Pulitzer Prizes.” Source

5. St. Martin’s Press: Major authors published by this company include:  Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dan Brown, and Janet Evanovich.

6. Routledge Publishing: A British publishing house specializing in academic humanities and social science books.

7. Universe/Rizzoli Publishing:  An international multimedia publishing group based in Milan.

8. Palgrave McMillan: Current authors include Larry Elliot, John R. Bradley, and Fawzia Koofi.

9. Westholme Publishing: An independent publisher of trade books…

10: Ben Bella Books: An independent publishing house specializing in nonfiction books on popular culture such as Grey’s Anatomy 101.

11: Dreamtime Publishing

12: Moyer Bell and its subsidiaries

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