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Explore your self-publishing options.

You’ve written a fantastic book, had it edited and you’re ready to get it into the hands of your readers! We offer a very affordable way to self-publish and upload your book to and eBook platforms.

Book Marketing International has experience self-publishing both fiction and non-fiction, including memoir, inspirational, business and illustrative books. Let us help you produce the best book possible by assisting you through all stages of development. We are affordably priced to fit your needs.

Whether your book is a memoir, a novel, a business book, or any other genre, we will create two beautifully designed front covers for you to choose from, a well-crafted interior with your text and photographs, and a back cover with your bio and testimonials. We will also provide you with an ISBN number.

The perfect gift for your family is to leave a book of your life as a legacy.

Your thoughts and experiences are too precious not to be remembered, so immortalize your life on the pages of your book. Would you like help writing a memoir for your family or the world at large? Let one of our experienced editors sit with you, talk with you, and tape your story.  We will transcribe your life-long memories and make them into a book.  We will then upload your book to and help you every step of the way in self-publishing your book.  This will make a wonderful gift to leave as a legacy for your children and the world at large, or for you to make for your own parents and grandparents to celebrate their life.

Here is what one of our authors says:

Everyone should write a book about their life.  Even if you don’t have children.  It is a way to express yourself on paper.  Whilst it’s in your head, you don’t see yourself, but if you write your book, it gives you a picture of yourself.  It’s a terrific experience, and I highly recommend it.  I’m thoroughly pleased with the care, dedication, and creative thought that Linda and her Book Marketing International staff have applied in completing the task of creating my self published book.  Linda is a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to employ her services. Allen Baron,  Blast of Silence, 2013

Are you an expert in your field? Make your book your new business card.  Now is the time to self-publish your book.

  • Do you own a successful business?
  • Are you a successful professional lawyer, dentist, architect, etc.?
  • Have you climbed the rungs of the corporate or finance ladder?
  • Have you contributed something new or groundbreaking to your industry?
  • Are you known for any special expertise?
  • Do you hold a celebrity status within your field?
  • Are you on the speaking circuit?

Now is the time to write your book and solidify your status as a leading expert in your field.  Let us help.

It takes more than a desire to get your expertise known to the world.  There are many excellent ideas that don’t get any further than journals or blogs.  Let us help you get published and fulfill your dreams.

A published author and nationally marketed book is one of the best things that can happen to help you realize your business and speaking aspirations.

Advantages of self publishing with Book Marketing International:

  • You keep 100% of your rights.
  • You keep 100% of your royalties.
  • We provide publishing imprint and ISBN flexibility.
  • We design two appropriate and high quality book covers to choose from.
  • We design the interior layout and display photographs at their best advantage.
  • We communicate with you as we go through the process step by step.
  • We provide additional marketing support and services.

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