Segueing from Self-Publishing to Traditional Publishing

Written By: Book Marketing International - Jan• 20•14

The advent of self-publishing is indeed upon us.  The success stories of self-published authors have been dominating the news in the past year.  From the children’s fare of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series to E.L James’ erotica sensation Fifty Shades of Grey (which earned her the #1 spot on Forbes’ Top-Earning Authors list), self-published authors are quickly becoming mainstream.

Often authors segue from self-publishing into more traditional publishing careers after having digital and grassroots success.  If you are able to sell around 10,000 copies of your book through self-publishing, a traditional publisher might take a close look at it to publish commercially.  Self-publishing has provided an effective avenue to bypass commercial gatekeepers and raise awareness about you and your work.

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