What are the biggest issues getting your book published?

Linda Langton speaking on the IWWG Conference panel at the National Arts Club in New York.


Editing is an essential step in the publishing process. Even best-selling authors go through multiple edits before their books are ready for the commercial publishers.

The publishing industry is becoming more competitive daily, and commercial publishers will only accept manuscripts that are 99% ready for the press.


Book Marketing International works with a team of professional editors, some of whom have had experience in the publishing arena and who are also independent editors, and others who are award-winning published authors. Book Marketing International matches writers, depending on the genre, voice and writing style, to an appropriate editor. They will help bring your book to a more publishable standard, and the following are the editing services which Book Marketing International offers.



The editor reads the work and writes a lengthy critique /overview showing the strengths and weaknesses of the storyline, characters and dialogue, timeline and areas where there is too much telling and not enough showing, offering suggestions for fixing these problem areas. The writer then reworks the manuscript and brings it up to the next level using this critique as a guideline.

Road Map

In a Road Map edit, the editor goes into the author’s manuscript and, line-by-line, using track changes and comments in the margins of the work, suggests to the author what ought to be done and highlights potential changes to bring the story up to its best potential.  This is an excellent step-by-step process showing the author how to make the book the best it can be.

Developmental Line Edit

In a developmental edit, the editor will lay out the book for the author and format it chapter by chapter and will then do extensive work helping the author by explaining how best to pull the story together. This is a highly extensive edit, as the editor goes through the manuscript and gives a short commentary at the end of each chapter suggesting what should be done to the characters, the dialogue, storyline and timeline, etc.


This option is when the author would prefer that the editor re-write their book using the original as an outline. Sometimes a writer has a great story to tell but doesn’t have the tools to write it themselves, writing an outline instead.  A ghostwriter will work with the author to make their book publishable.

From an idea to a finished manuscript, Linda can help you build your concept through to a finished book. Contact us today and she will help you determine whether your manuscript needs a copy edit, overviews/assessment, a road map, a developmental edit or if you would prefer to have your book ghostwritten. 

Our aim is to help authors bring their books up to publishable standard, but we cannot guarantee this. It will depend on how the author reworks their book.

Testimonials for editing


Now that your book has been edited and is ready for the publisher, Linda and her team will help you find a commercial publisher or help you self-publish your book. With our contacts and experience, we will provide the keys to getting your book published and into the marketplace.


If you decide to publish your book commercially, Linda, with fifteen years of experience as a literary agent and over twenty-five years of experience in the publishing industry, has the contacts to find you a commercial publisher to fit the content of your book, whether it is non-fiction or fiction. Commercial publishing will give you more credibility as a writer and better distribution through major book chains and smaller bookstores. We work with top list publishers for all genres of books; if your book is ready and suitable for a commercial publisher, our literary agency, www.langtonsinternational.com, which sold a book a month in 2011, has the contacts to help you.


With top professional editors, experienced book cover designers, print-on-demand and digital book companies, we can help you copyright your book, obtain an ISBN number, bar codes, etc., and take care of all your internet marketing and book-selling needs once your book is self-published.

If you’re interested solely in the eBook platform, we can format your manuscript for all types of eReaders including Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, etc. Let us help you self-publish your book.

Would you like help determining if your book is best suited for commercial or self-publishing, or as an eBook? Contact us.



Robert is an award-winning author, professor of creative writing at CUNY, and has published a collection of short stories titled Living With Strangers. One of these stories won the Bobst Award for Emerging Writers and was published by NYU Press. He has received an O. Henry Award and the Pushcart Prize. Robert has been a professional freelance editor for many years.  His work includes critiquing, editing, revising, and ghostwriting fiction and nonfiction. He is co-editor of Outpost19, an independent literary press.


Ted has been a professional editor for over fifteen years and specializes in fiction and memoir. He has worked as copy editor for HarperCollins, Penguin and Berkley Books. He has also worked as a proofreader for Simon and Schuster, and G.P. Putnam’s Sons and many others.  He is a published author, specializes in developmental editing and has won the Prairie Schooner Prize for fiction.


Author, poet, and editor, Michalle specializes in all types of fiction and has been published in New England Review, American Literary Review and other journals.


Marcia has worked as the nonfiction editor for over ten years at Reader’s Digest. She has also worked with a number of best-selling authors and won the National Press Club. She has edited many family sagas, real-life dramas, medical stories, as well as crime and business.


Julia has worked as an editor at Doubleday Publishing and as a senior editor at Macmillan Publishing, and has also been a best-selling author. She is now a ghostwriter, freelance writer, and independent editor and has been involved with a number of national and international best-sellers. Julia specializes in non-fiction, including memoir, self-help and biography. In fiction, she works with mystery and thrillers.


Margaret is a contributing writer, editor and essayist. She holds an M.F.A in Film from New York University and B.A. in Dramatic Writing from University of Michigan. She has written for PBS, Detroit News and other media work on CNN, MTV, and BBC.


Celia specializes in fiction. She has been an editor at Hachette Book Group and a creative director and co-publisher at Slice Magazine.


Debra specializes in non fiction, in particular in the areas of business and finance. She has been a professional editor  working for Macmillan and Wiley & Sons, as well  as an independent editor of fiction and nonfiction,  for many years.


Andrea works with fiction and screenplays. She studied screenwriting at Yale and has taught at the NYU Tisch School of Art. She worked with David Susskind at MGM and has an excellent background in script editing.


Carol specializes in nonfiction, memoir, alternative health, and spirituality books. She was the managing editor at Penguin, Viking, and Putnam, where as an acquisitions editor, she acquired a NY Times bestselling memoirs. Carol has edited for several independent publishers as well, and has worked on an array of fiction titles published by major publishing houses and has worked with several bestselling authors.


Steve has been a college writing instructor for many years and he has ten years of experience in professional editing. He specializes in fiction and he is a “story” expert. He has also many years of experience in non-fiction, in particular health and memoir. He also holds a Master’s in screenwriting and has worked for a number of years as a screenplay analyst for production companies.


Ramona has over 30 years of experience in creative and commercial writing, editing, and manuscript evaluation. Her expertise includes both fiction and non-fiction. She is an editorial consultant and a former member of Mystery Writers or America. A graduate of the Radcliffe Publishing Course, now part of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Ramona has hands-on experience in developmental editing of works of both emerging and established writers.



Richard specializes in crime and thrillers. He has edited for over a hundred writers in his previous roles at Crown and as editor-in-chief at Dial, where he worked with many bestselling authors.


Meghan has worked in publishing for nearly a decade as an editor at Penguin Group USA and Simon & Schuster. She graduated from Pace University with a Master of Science in Publishing and Winona State University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication Studies and English Writing. Currently, she teaches an Editorial Principles and Practice class as an adjunct professor at Pace University. She specializes in nonfiction book proposals and full-length books, especially in science, health/wellness, psychology and communication, as well as narrative nonfiction projects of all kinds.



Elisabeth has almost a decade of detailed editing experience, including working at literary agencies, a commercial publishing house, and several magazine publications. She specializes in young adult literature, middle grade books, sci-fi, and fantasy.


Selina is an independent editor and literary consultant with more than a decade of publishing experience. She has worked with romance novels and women’s fiction at Harlequin Books. From there she went on to HarperCollins Publishers where she acquired and edited romance for Avon, chick lit for Avon Trade, and a variety of other fiction and nonfiction titles for various imprints. She moved on to become Senior Editor for the Hachette Book Group and launched GCP Latino, a program dedicated to finding fresh new Latino voices for the Grand Central Publishing list.


Stewart has had extensive experience in editing non-fiction books, and he has been published by St. Martin’s Press. He has worked as a managing editor for several magazines, including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and he has won the Loeb Award and Pulitzer Prize for two Wall Street Journal reports.


Laura is a creative writing teacher and a former editor-in-chief of University of Alabama’s Black Warrior Review. Laura’s been an editor and writer in the nonprofit sector for more than ten years, working for organizations in the Northeast, such as the Omega Institute and the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.  She has edited, copyedited and proofread literary novels, as well as book manuscripts by renowned thought leaders in the fields of spirituality, science and religion, and business leadership.


Ellen specializes in business, self-help, spirituality, memoir, food/nutrition, and health books. She has worked with self-published and traditionally published authors, on print and e-books. Ellen has experience ranging from editor or coach to ghostwriter or co-author. She also writes book proposals, writes and edits books, and reviews and critiques manuscripts.


Rebecca is a freelance writer and editor and coaches writers on craft and story development. She writes news and feature stories for Jewish media outlets, including Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)TabletJ. Weekly, and the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. She specializes in self-help, religious books, books on health, and short stories. She has more than twelve years of experience writing for local and national media, including ElleNew York magazine, ARTnewsArt & Auction, and the New York Sun. 


Martin specializes in non fiction, in particular memoir and family stories. He is an author of several published non fiction books and has had been published by Macmillan. He has been an editor for many years.  He has a broad set of storytelling skills and has also edited several documentaries and dramas for film and television.


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