Your book has been published.  Where to go from here?

With the changing landscape of book publishing and marketing, the publishers no longer help you get your book to its targeted audience.

That’s where we come in. Before your book gets to the printed stage, you need to build your platform to generate interest in you and your book. Let us help you build your platform. Your platform is your brand, your reputation, your connections and access to social media.

We will develop a website and blog to keep you in the eyes of your targeted audience. We will set up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and, where appropriate, LinkedIn and other accounts for you. We will also write blogs to help you start and teach you how to blog and establish a following.

Our team offers social media marketing on a one-to-one basis to help you target your appropriate audience to increase sales of your book. We also assist with traditional marketing to send out your book to the various newspapers, magazines, television and radio outlets, and other appropriate news sources.

Our competitive prices are geared to a program to fit your needs.  

Please contact us today for a marketing plan and quote.