How Critiques Improve Your Writing

Written By: Book Marketing International - Dec• 16•13

Writers are passionate about their craft. Hard work and long hours make them extremely invested in their writing, and therefore it can be difficult to listen to criticism.  Critiques, however, are essential to taking a book to its next level.

When receiving critiques from friends or other writers on reading your first draft or from your editor in the latter stages of revision, the most important thing you as a writer can do is listen.  Keeping an open mind and not responding emotionally will help you absorb the information and gain fresh perspective on your writing’s strengths and weaknesses.

Good critiques will spotlight problems in your manuscript, from weak characters to unnatural dialogue to the basic mechanics of your storytelling.  Your writing doesn’t always convey exactly what you are intending, and it’s important to get an outsider’s perspective.  Receiving a professional editor’s criticism can be one of the most helpful ways to elevate your writing, as long as you remain open to the process.

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