Branding Yourself: How to Begin Setting Yourself Apart

Written By: Book Marketing International - Feb• 10•14

Branding is the most important part of advertising in the modern world.  Differentiating your brand from others helps to establish your target audience and create a loyal following.

The same concept applies to you as an author.  Branding yourself helps you raise your profile and build a following, which gives you a stronger appeal to a traditional publisher.  When beginning to brand yourself, consider these few points:

-       Determine what your attributes are.  Define and separate yourself from the pack and figure out what you want to convey to your audience.

-       Find your target market.  See what other successful authors in your genre or field have done to gain and retain an audience.  This will help you know who to target.

-       Utilize the Internet.  The digital realm allows you the opportunity to reach a large audience and cultivate a following before you’ve had a single word published.  Social media provides you a free and effective way to connect with potential readers around the world.

-       Establish legitimacy.  Having concrete content with a face sells you as an author.  It shows you are committed to your writing and it helps set you apart.

One of the best ways to build your brand is with a self-published book.  It is a viable and effective way to sell yourself as an author and give premium content to your audience, especially for non-fiction authors.   At Book Marketing International, we can help you navigate the world of self-publishing and begin to brand yourself.

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