Why eBooks

Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 25•13

In this digital age, publishing your book as an eBook is a viable and increasingly popular option, especially if you are self-publishing your physical book.

The benefits of digital publishing are numerous. Publishing an eBook is affordable, with costs much lower than traditional publishing.  The interactive nature of the Internet makes it easy to get your book to your target audience. Additionally, it allows your book to be accessible to a much wider audience. The process of publishing your book is also much faster than traditional publishing, and allows you to get your book to your audience faster.  Digital publishing also increases your online presence, helping to expand your platform and brand.  (write statistic about written amount of ebooks)

E-readers are increasing in popularity, and the numerous benefits of publishing an eBook can play a valuable role in generating interest in your book.

Building Your Platform

Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 24•13

The most important part of marketing your book and branding yourself as the author of your book, is building your platform. Your platform is your brand, your connections, your reputation, and your social media presence. A strong platform will help you reach your targeted audience and generate interest in you and your book, before it is even published.

To begin building your platform, you must be able to clearly convey why you have written your book, the subject matter of your book, and your audience. You only have a moment to grab your reader’s attention, and your unique brand is what will draw people in. When clearly defined, your platform will be the foundation of your brand that allows readers to connect with you and your writing.

Once you have articulated the core of your platform, you can begin creating a buzz for your book. You’re not just marketing your book – you’re marketing yourself and your brand.

The Value of Being Succinct

Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 23•13

There is great value in being succinct in every variety of writing, from e-mails to resumes to advertisements and, obviously, to writing your book.  Brevity and clarity are an important part of communication.

While some authors are lauded for their flowery prose, this can lose the reader.  Readers will skip over a paragraph or two in a novel where the description of the scenery lingers or a character philosophizes about a mundane subject.  It is in these cases that being succinct comes into play. It keeps the reader in the story.  Writing with brevity, though, does not have to sacrifice your style or voice.  Just remember that your purpose is to engage the reader.

Today our attention span is getting shorter and shorter, and it is vitally important that a writer can compress his or her ideas in a clear, concise manner to maintain the interest of the reader.

The Benefits of Print-On-Demand

Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 21•13

The advent of print-on-demand has been a significant boon for the publishing world, not only for traditional publishers but for those looking to self-publish as well.  As the digital age has measurably affected publishing and its bottom line, print-on-demand has been the savior of specialty books in traditional publishing and self-publishers alike.

Print-on-demand provides significant benefits for self-publishing, where budget is often an issue.  With print-on-demand, you are publishing only the amount of books you need.  This eliminates having stacks and stacks of unsold books taking up space in your office or garage waiting for their chance to be sold.  The upfront cost of publishing your book is therefore significantly smaller than paying for a huge “first run” that may take months or years to unload.  Although the per copy costs are slightly higher, it is a much more feasible option for the writer.

Another huge benefit of print-on-demand is that it gives you the ability to update or edit future copies of your book.  This is especially relevant for business, marketing, or digital-related books, as these are ever-changing industries and it is important to not be outdated.  As well, if there are any chance mistakes in your book, they can be remedied in the new editions.  Print-on-demand also has a quick turn-around time, so needing to produce a book quickly for a buyer is a non-issue.

With print-on-demand, authors looking to self-publish are provided with an achievable option to get their book out to their target audience without producing an unnecessary surplus or breaking the bank in the process.  Here at Book Marketing International, we specialize in print-on-demand self-publishing.  Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about publishing your book via print-on-demand services.

Self-Publishing? Still Need An Editor.

Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 18•13

Authors are increasingly self-publishing as a way to having more control over their work, to get published quicker and make more money from their books.  The desire to bypass traditional publishing should never be confused with bypassing a professional editor.

Many authors who decide to self-publish make the mistake of thinking that they do not need a professional editing service.  They attempt to edit their own work or utilize a trusted friend, family member, or colleague rather than a professional.  The reasons vary, but often it is because of the expense.  Self-publishing can be taxing on your wallet and authors often look to cut corners wherever they can.

Many readers of self-published books criticize the author for the lack of content revision, including grammar, spelling, and various other inconsistencies, and these criticisms immensely impact their perception of your authority as a writer.  Without the fastidious editing skills of a professional editor, your self-published work will not be viewed on a par with a traditionally published book, which will hurt book sales and your reputation as a writer.

The expense of a professional editor should be weighed against the likelihood of increased sales and your reputation as an author of literary standing.  Never undercut your success by cutting the wrong corners.

Killing Your Darlings: Knowing When Sacrifice Is Necessary

Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 18•13

Congratulations: you’ve finished your first draft of your novel or short story.   Now it’s time to revise and polish your work, figuring out what does and doesn’t work.  During this process, you will have to grapple with one of the most painful parts of editing your work: killing your darlings.

A phrase attributed to everyone from Ginsberg to Faulkner, killing your darlings simply means to cut out bits of your prose that may mean the world to you but, frankly, just don’t fit.  More often than not, there will be descriptions, dialogue, or even entire scenes that you feel are too brilliant, too perfectly worded, too dear to your heart to axe.

However, sometimes it is necessary to look past your adoration and realize that sacrifices are required in order to produce the best possible work.  Some darlings may be nothing but a distraction from the story, pieces of prose that do not contribute to anything and may even disrupt the flow of your storytelling.  Be blunt with yourself and ask, why is this here and what is its function?

There is always hope for your darlings to find their way into future endeavors.  Cut them from your story but never get rid of them forever.  Keeping a discard pile of your favorite pieces of prose that didn’t quite make the cut will not only take away the sting of the revision process but also provide an opportunity for them to be resurrected in the future.

Professional Editing Benefits

Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 14•13

No matter how capable you are as a writer and author, additional input is always needed to accomplish your best writing.

A professional editor offers an impartial, third party perspective. You are likely too close to your story and too familiar to effectively edit your own work. As objective readers, editors are a pair of fresh eyes trained to dissect your writing.

In addition, an experienced editor has worked with a wide selection of authors and their manuscripts, and therefore is well-equipped to help you avoid common pitfalls and keep your writing flowing.

A professional editor has an unsurpassed trained eye. Want training, inspiration and critique on the highest level? Ask a professional editor.

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Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 14•13

So what are the major benefits of self-publishing?

First and foremost, it gives authors more control. Content, interior and exterior design, together with marketing, are all in the hands of the author. These are the critical decisions, and they are left up to you. In many ways, you can consider it artisanal publishing.

The benefits of self-publishing are numerous.  You keep 100% of the rights and royalties.  Self-published books can be brought to market in several months or less, whereas print books can take as long as two years to reach their market.

Self-publishing is empowering authors to take control of their book publishing in an exciting, ever-changing industry.

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Western Authors Self-Censoring to Publish in China

Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 06•13
Image Source: http://www.ithenticate.com/

Image Source: http://www.ithenticate.com/


Western authors, for financial and intellectual reasons, are trying to break into the fast-growing Chinese book market, despite the strict censorship imposed by the Chinese government.

The Chinese government starts censoring novels through the acquisitions process, only allowing ISBN (International Standard Book Numbers) to be given to books that advance Chinese culture and rejecting novels that might be deemed objectionable to the state.

Western authors are beginning to follow in the path of Hollywood, which has consciously incorporated Chinese characters that flatter Chinese audiences, in order to move their books forward in this market. There are also more authors and journalists producing books that demonstrate a more nuanced portrait, which is considered appropriate, of the complex and fast-changing Chinese civilization.

France celebrates Albert Camus at 100

Written By: Book Marketing International - Nov• 04•13
Image Source: http://publishingperspectives.com/2013/11/albert-camus-at-100/

Image Source: http://publishingperspectives.com/2013/11/albert-camus-at-100/


France is celebrating the birth of Albert Camus on November 7th. Camus was a French writer and political philosopher. He was a leading voice for social change and the French working class for the resistance movement during the occupation in France. His books have been published and re-issued all over the world and events have been ongoing to honor him in France to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Camus died at the age of 47 in a car accident along with his publisher Michel Gallimard, just three years after he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.  Among the wreckage, the unfinished manuscript of his novel Le Premier Homme (The First Man) was recovered. It was published in 1994, unedited and left with notes by the author. It gave not only an insight into how Camus worked but also into his childhood.

Some of published work includes Le Mythe de Sisyphe (The Myth of Sisyphus) (May 1991), L’Homme Révolté (The Rebel) (1951), and his best-selling novels, L’Étranger (The Stranger) (December 1971) and La Peste (The Plague) (May 1991).