6 Tips for Finishing your Novel

Written By: Book Marketing International - Jun• 08•15

1. Give yourself a realistic timeline and break it down into small steps.
2. Outline your ideas – know where you want your story to go, but be flexible. Don’t be afraid to let your story surprise you.
3. Remove all distractions – get off the Internet, turn off the TV and your cell phone. Know what works for you.
4. Talk to other authors – you are not alone! Seek out writing groups, online support, don’t be afraid to speak to others about your book. They know what you’re going through.
5. Don’t look for perfection in every word – it’s only the first draft.
6. Revise, revise, revise. Let other people, such as critique partners and beta readers give you feedback. Hire a professional editor to help you polish the story.


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