5 Must Haves for Your Author Website

Written By: Book Marketing International - Jun• 03•15

1. Use the book cover and a catchy headline to attract readers’ attention and give an engaging book summary to pull them in.
2. About the Author. Let the readers know about “you” and give them an email address where they can contact you.
3. Testimonials. Get testimonials from people in the industry if it is a non fiction book, or send part of your fiction book to people to write critiques for you to use. People are pulled in if other people like it.
4. Social Media Connections. Make it easy for your readers to follow you on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). The more they are connected, the bigger your outreach!
5. Calls to Action. Let readers know where, when, and how to buy your book, and make it easy for them!

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